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Hoogvliegende diabolo en live beatbox-loops? Het is Diabolooping, de explosieve hiphop- en circuscocktail van de Airblow Company met de gekke personages John-Gaspard en John-Priam, internationale experts in deze urban en circuskunsten.


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new show

land: BE
gage: Euro 500 - 750
showduur: 4 x 8 - 9 min
speelvlak: - Minimum stage space: opening 6m, depth 5m, height 4m - Recommended stage space: opening 8m, depth 6m, height 8m or more - Flat non-slip floor - Outside: sheltered from the wind (ideally with a back wall) - Lights: maximum lighting of the entire stage space up to 3 meters high (with face, side, counter, showers, etc.), lighting up to 8 meters high in the center of the space with side counter plungers (for aerial juggling with 1, 2 and 3 diabolos). Warm colors.

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